Captain Ed Marill, Marathon, Florida 33050


When we were cruising south along the coast of Pacific Mexico, we stopped at a very famous place off the tourist town of Manzanillo. Located on a beachy high spit of land was the LAS HADAS HOTEL. This is where the famous movie “10” was filmed.

The scenes of Dudley Moore and Bo Derek playing in bed, to the tune of Ravel’s BOLERO is unforgettable, as is Moore’s running along the scalding-hot beach in his bare feet throwing towel after towel to stop on.

Well, we had to anchor right in front of the Las Hadas Hotel. We fell in love with the area of Manzanillo, and from there, we made an unforgettable land trip to the active COMALA volcano.

By pure chance, I overhead Tackless II on the VHF radio, sailing north along the coast of Mexico. I knew they were Don and Gwen Wilson from the CSY Forum over the years. I was able to talk to them when they were 100 miles away! Go figure.

Anyways, we persuaded them to stop at Las Hadas, where we finally met in person and spent a few days enjoying the pleasant surroundings. In the picture above, you can see “SIESTA” and “TACKLESS II” anchored side by side off the LAS HADAS bluff. This stop was one of the highlights of our trip to the Keys from the Bay Area.

After that encounter, we cruised together for several months along the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and have become great friends over the years.

Gwen keeps a good record of their adventures about their CSY 44 WT “Tackless II”, which are to be found at their website. Google search TACKLESS II CSY.