Captain Ed Marill, Marathon, Florida 33050

The Log of the SIESTA

We sailed from San Francisco on our way back to the Florida Keys just a few weeks after the 9/11 attack. We were eager to join the other sailboats which would leave San Diego headed for Cabo San Lucas, participating in the popular BAHA HAHA yearly event, sponsored by the LATITUDE 38 Bay Area magazine, and its publisher, Richard Spindler.

We have documented this once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Florida Keys in our personal website.

With the URL, you will find  lots of pictures and stories of our sailing trip adventures. We checked off a lot of amazing experiences from our bucket list.

After a fairly uneventful trip from San Francisco to San Diego, we refueled before deciding on our anchoring spot, expecting to spend over a week adding the finishing touches to our preparation for our trip to Cabo San Lucas with the other participating BAHA HAHA boats.


After we completed our return trip home to the Keys from San Francisco, I worked with the Boy Scouts of America for 13 years, as captain, host, and instructor. I learned almost as much from having these young men and two adults aboard for six days at a time, as they learned from me. We went up and down the Florida Keys,  sailing, fishing, snorkeling and anchoring in secluded spots, while they learned to live at sea. Priceless!